Badly Nailed-in Shingles

In this installment of our series on roofing problems, we’ll talk about badly nailed-in shingles.

Are you finding leaks in several places, but not finding the source? This could be because the nails were badly installed on the shingles. Too few nails, or nails placed incorrectly can lead to leaks that may go undetected for a long time. The water can run across the shingles and travel some ways before you start to see a leak inside the house.

If the nails are placed too close to pipe flashing, for example, they can also get loose and let water in right where the nail meets the surface.

Badly placed nails can also mean loose shingles that get tossed about in the wind… and end in your garden!

The Fix

Most shingles need to be nailed at least in four places, sometimes more. They also have to be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, as each type may need a different nailing pattern.

A professional roofer will place the nails in the right places, further away from the corners and away from the nailing strip and self-sealing portion of the shingles.

They’ll also use gasket screws to stop leaks at the joint, creating a seal between the joint and fastener head. With the right nails and pattern, your shingles will stay watertight and securely in place.

Stay tuned, in the coming weeks, for the next installments in our series on roof problems.

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