Patio Storage Ideas to Tame your Outdoor Clutter

Our patios and decks can accumulate as much clutter as our homes. We spend so much of our time there during the warmer months, and our backyard activities – from dining and entertaining to playing and swimming – often come with a slew of extras.

If we don’t have convenient ways to neatly stow away these items between uses, they tend to accumulate.

Keeping the clutter organized and out of sight is the best way to keep stress at bay and make the most of your patio living. In this installment of our series on patio renovations, we’ll focus on clever patio storage ideas to tame your outdoor clutter and enjoy your patio living.



Build In the Storage

Take advantage of storage opportunities from the ground up, by building drawers and trap doors right into your deck floor.

Table Storage

Make the most of your patio tables, by opting for models with built-in storage space.

Storage Benches

Benches are a very popular patio addition, for both the seating space they provide and the ability to store items, big and small.


Sheds are a go-to option for many backyards. Rather than default to generic store-bought versions, consider custom-built sheds that are as high on charm as they are in organizational power.

Towel Storage

Rather than make a trip into the house every time someone goes for a dip, keep your towels close at hand with one of these tidy outdoor towel storage options.

Pool Stuff

Having a pool produces natural clutter – from pool toys, to noodles, to wet towels. These all-in-one pool storage solutions are easy to make and are invaluable for keeping your ‘pool stuff’ in one place.

Outdoor Toy Storage

Toys have a tendency to multiply – tripping you up and lending a disheveled air to your backyard space. Try some of these ingenious ideas for organizing your little ones’ playthings.


No space in your garage for your bikes? Keep them stowed and secured in their own garage or bike rack like the ones below.

Fire Wood

We love outdoor fire pits, but where to store your stock of logs and kindle? Check out these elegant firewood storage solutions.

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